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About the Team

Childhood Mugshots and Vague Personality Descriptors

Woman with Long Hair


Bad Cop

15 years in production has taught Emily many things, not all the things , but enough for her to be  really good at what she does, confident in what she says, open to learn what she doesn't know, and very threatening in a pair of 6" heels.

Not all producers do all the things, but this producer does, except for makeup and audio. She's horrible at makeup and just okay at audio. 


Young Man with Glasses

Gabriel Lang

Good Cop

Gabe is creative, but also average in every sense of the word.  So, he stays out of Emily's way and lets her do her thing.  Maybe he's actually smarter than average...

Hollar at us if you are looking for two really fantastic people to develop and/or produce your project.

Important People: TeamMember
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